About Us

About Us

Fri 02-Mar-2018 09:03 PM / Other Support Team / 2307

Aidbrand is a website platform which allows any businesses free register for growing and promoting business visibilities and brand awareness. Not only promoting, but there is also enable to sell any products or services to potential customers who might need. Whether we provide business owner usable full functions tend there could list any products or services unlimited.
Aidbrand mission is to provide an easy way to the customer with the wisdom of the crowds of companies based in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand to help them decide where or which company have sale the product or service that customer need with competitive price, quality, and reliable by customers. Aidbrand
also compares prices from multiple business supplies sites so that the customer can find the lowest price on the products or services that are right for them.

Aidbrand features

Every business owner wants to put their products or services in front of their potential customers. However, most of the traditional ways cost money and not everyone can buy TV ADs when they are just starting up the business. Don’t worry as it's still possible to successfully promote your business without spending a lot of money. Aidbrand will prove your point and putting up together of features for free ways to promote your business. These features are: Fast, simple, easy & free to use, mostly genuine reviews, company description included images, location, contact number and more related, attention to main details of products or services, their customer policies and very strict seller policies makes them customer credibility, unlimited list products or services, social media tool for sharing products or services and more.

Benefits of listing your business with Aidbrand:

  • Helps to grow your business and increase your presence online through local online marketing.
  • It also helps in getting the top position by advertising your business to a specific area.
  • Promotion in a specific area has various advantages such as a business directly targets the exact audience.
  • It also helps in developing brand awareness and a better customer connection.
  • It also helps in building the trust of the brand among the common people because if you make your presence online through local online marketing, people will trust your brand and will give better reviews and this better reviews will motivate others them to buy your products.
  • To help your business to get higher ranks on search engines and more expert and customer reviews.
  • Gives more visibility to business and every new listing that you create enhances your chances of being found online by the customer.
  • Allows potential clients to access all types of information like service or product that you provide, details about your company, your website links, important updates and gallery of photos, etc. This is a great way to locally publicize your site and provide them with the correct information they need.
  • It is the most important part of every business to increase revenue when more people are able to find your company and they are more likely to purchase your products or services.