How to list your company with ?

How to list your company with ?

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Aidbrand is a website platform which allows business's owner listing for free in order to growing and promoting their business visibilities and brand awareness. Not only promoting, but the business owner is also able to sell any product or service to potential customers who might need. Since we provide business owner usable full functions tend they could list any products or services unlimited.

Aidbrand mission is to provide an easy way to the customer with the wisdom of the crowds of companies to help them decide where or which company have sale the product or service that customer need with competitive price, quality, and credibility by customers. Aidbrand also compares prices from multiple business supplies sites so that the customer can find the lowest price on the products or services that are right for them.

In order to list your company with just follow few steps below:

Step 1 - Register yourself with Aidbrand and get verify by Aidbrand

The first thing that you need to do for listing your company on Aidbrand is to register yourself with the Aidbrand website. Once you’ve registered yourself, you will get the vital details from the Aidbrand support team that you can use later.

Step 2 - Details about yourself or your company

Once you received verified from Aidbrand the first thing you have to do is details about yourself or company such as company information, image, and contact information included company location as well as term and policies. Aidbrand does not display the product or service which listed by Aidbrand’s user if there missed the detail about yourself or your company.

Step 3 - List of the products

Aidbrand is a vast marketplace with numerous products already listed. So, if a seller is listing a product which is already listed on, Aidbrand compares and gives the sellers liberty to map their products to the existing ones. It is to avoid the product from being appeared multiple times. While listing the products this way, the seller just needs to add the details such as price, quantity, or shipping method. On the contrary, if the same product is not listed previously, the seller can make a new product detail page.

Below are details of business can be list on

Electronics & Appliance : Phone, IPad & Tablets, Desktops & Laptop, Laptop Accessories, Desktops accessories, Air conditioner & Fans, Lights accessories ,Television & Cameras, Air Conditioning Appliances, Refrigerators & Freezers, Water Treatment Appliances, Laundry Appliances, Cleaning Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Coffee Makers, Solar Water Heaters, Cooking Appliances.

Banks & Finance: Banks, credit union, Bank activities, Microfinance, Finance consultant, Money transfer service, Pawnbroker Services, Audit and Accounting, Finance activity

Properties & Real Estate: House & Land for sale, Real Estate agents, Business for sale, the Land lot, Apartment for sale or rent, Building & construction.

Shopping & Mall: Clothing, bags, shoes, tie & belt, Beauty Salon, Watches, Sunglasses, Necklace, Jewelry, Earrings & Rings, Secondhand products, Book, Speaker & Music, Super Market, Mart & Mall.

Autos & Vehicle: Cars and car accessories, Bus and bus accessories, Boats & Ships, Container & container accessories, Motorcycle & motorcycle accessories, Truck  & truck accessories, Car care & cleaning, Bicycle & bicycle accessories

Schools: Universities, Private, Technical school, Home teaching service, English, Chinese school, General schools, Language translate service

Job Agencies: Job agencies, General job, Recruitment Services, Training service, Training course

Food & Drink: Drinking water, Soft drinks, Food Ingredients, Egg & Egg Products, Coffee & tea shop, Slimming Food, Chicken food, Seafood, Vegetable Products, Pizza & Cake, Fruit Products, Alcoholic Beverage.

Sport & Fitness: Sports activities, Fitness &fitness accessories, Gym & gym accessories

IT & Telecommunication: Internet service providers, Telecom service providers, Online communications, TV cable service providers, Web design & web hosting, Web development, Computer service provides, Photo, printing service provides

Hotel Supplies: Linen, amenities & towel, Equipment & laundry service, Bed, table & mattress, other hotel appliances, Bathroom accessories 

Restaurant Equipment: Plate, spoon, glass & knife, all restaurant equipment, other restaurant equipment.

Home Appliances: Electrical/mechanical machine, all home appliances, other home appliances

Machinery Industrial: Agricultural Machinery, Apparel & Textile Machinery, Building Material Machinery, Chemical Machinery, Electronic Products Machinery, Energy & Mineral Equipment, Engineering & Construction Machinery, Food & Beverage Machinery, General Industrial Equipment, Home Product Making Machinery, Metal & Metallurgy Machinery, Paper Production Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Plastic & Rubber Machinery, Printing Machine, Woodworking Machinery.

Art & Furniture: Souvenir & ceramic shop, Art galleries, Furniture & furniture accessories, Home Furniture.

Health & Beauty: Pharmacies, doctors & clinics, Medical equipment, Beauty professionals, Nursing and health care, Mental Health Care, Massage Therapists, Beauty Products, Pregnancy and Child Birth, Dentists, Hairdressers & Opticians, Beauty shop.

Business Service: General Business, Consultants, Overseas Business, General Office Services, Small Business, Public Relations, Secretarial Services, Training Service, Human Resources, Market Research, Business Centers, Agricultural Consultant Services, Artist Commercial Services, Billboard Advertising Services, Business Management & Advisers, Civil Engineers, Company Registration Services, Development Consultants, Economic Research & Analysis, Environmental Organization, Event Management Services, Forestry consultants & services, General accounting services, Geographical services, Inspection & evaluation services, Tax & legal adviser, Logistics support, Outsourcing services, Project Management & Consultants, Quality Assurance Service, Record Management, Investing & consultants companies

Animal Supplies: Fish & aquatic pets, Dogs & cats, Birds, Animal food supplies, Reptiles & amphibians, Small animals, Pet food, Pet accessories, All pet supplies, Animal accessories, Other animals

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