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Besides banking institutions, there are also non-banks service providers which act as a third party processor. A third party processor is an institution entrusted by a bank to conduct one or more parts of its payment services


The third party processor should be entrusted by an agreement with a bank, and licensed by the NBC. According to the Law on Negotiable Instruments and Payment Transactions, third party processors may act on behalf of the authorizing bank as: 

  • A communication facility, Association of the Bank in Cambodia (ABC)
  • An interbank clearing facility, which may further transmit interbank settlement information to banks, including the bank in which settlement is completed,
  • Service provider of money remittance by mobile phone or other means,
  • A managing or operating agent for the bank of bank customers’ accounts, and/or
  • A sending and receiving point for payment orders sent or received by the bank, which may be accessed directly by bank customers for sending and receiving payment orders.

The third party processor shall comply with all requirements, conditions and restrictions set by regulations prescribed by the NBC. In this regard, the NBC implemented ‘Prakas on Third-Party Processors’ in 2010. As of December 2014, there are six third party processors officially licensed; Wing (Cambodia) Ltd, Viettel (Cambodia) PTE.,LTD, IME (M) SDN BHD, Western Union Network (Ireland) Ltd, Money Gram Payment System Inc, and PayGo SEA (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd.

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The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), the nation's central bank, is the monetary and supervisory authority. The mission of the NBC is to determine and direct the monetary policy aimed at maintaining price stability in order to facilitate economic development within the framework of the kingdom's economic and financial policy. The NBC conducts this in consultation with the Royal Government and in consideration of the framework of the economic and financial policy of the kingdom. As the monetary authority, the NBC is the sole issuer of the Khmer riel, the national currency. In doing so, this helps maintain monetary stability. 

As the supervisory authority, the NBC has the authority to license, delicense, regulate and supervise banks and financial institutions in Cambodia. The NBC also conducts regular economic and monetary analysis, publishes various publications, oversees the nation's payment systems, establishes balance of payments, and participates in the management of external debt claims.

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