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BBA can absolutely arrange you establishing your legal presence in Thailand, including business visa, work permit and permanent residence, including getting and extending their. We handle the allication and processing of work permits and all related visa issues under jurisdiction of the Thai Immigration Department.


Thailand One-Year Visa

  • Once the work permit is approved and issued, its validity will match the date of expiration of the applicant's non-immigrant visa at the time the work permit was essued. After obtaining a work permit it is necessary to apply for a One-Year Visa with the Immigration Bureau, based on the issued work permit. The visa process is entirely independent and unrelated to the procedure in obtaining a work permit. A valid work permit does not guarantee the right to stay in Thailand, nor does a valid business visa guarantee the right to work in Thailand. BBA is experienced with all these procedures, and can fulfill all your requirements.

Work Permit

  • While conducting business in Thailand you will need a work permit and a related business visa.The first step in obtaining a work permit is to obtain a non-immigrant, type "B" business visa from Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate outside of Thailand. This visa is normally good for a single entry and a ninety days stay. We can provide detailed instructions regarding the paperwork needed. Every Thai Consulate has their own methods and procedures which must be completed to their satisfaction before a visa can be issued. Once you have entered Thailand on this visa we can handle the application and processing of a work permit under the jurisdiction of the Thai Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Bangkok Business Alliance

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Bangkok Business Alliance is your one-stop service provider in Thailand. Whether your needs are business, personal, consultancy or problem solving we have the personnel to support you. BBA is supported by experts in such areas as civil & criminal law, land ownership regulations, investigation/due diligence, and business management.

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