Things to noted

Things to noted

Aidbrand is constantly wisdom growing multi-business providers in order to make it easy for buyers who need to buy a product or service which their love. So in this part, Aidbrand consistently identified to all customers that who is interested to buy the product or service which company has shown in Aidbrand sites to carefully reading rules of buy and shipping as below:

► The product was sold to a customer is a sale by the supplier not from Aidbrand employees. Before buying the product or service please read carefully for each supplier term & policies which created by the supplier.

► Aidbrand employees never asked any credit card or cash transfer from the customer when he/she process buying the product or service. Due to any invoice transaction which you accepted to pay is only going through supplier account.

► Product shipping, before buying the product or service please clarified with the supplier is they provide delivery for free or charge and how long for process delivery. Aidbrand allowed supplier details regard with the contact number, email and contact form this is an easy way for customer contact to the supplier directly before buying the product or service.

► Any lost or damaged product when delivered by supplier Aidbrand not responsible and we might recommend buyer contact with the supplier immediately when any issued happened.

► Aidbrand support team more than happy to assist any misunderstanding between supplier and buyer whenever they might need at the convenience time.

► Aidbrand display product or service rates only $ US which agreement between Aidbrand and supplier. If the buyer prefers to pay other currencies please contact the supplier for ensuring it.

► Aidbrand never responsible for any overcharge or wrong charge which made between supplier and buyer.

► Any credit card details or money transfer which buyer provided to the supplier is secret, Aidbrand never asked or required from the supplier at anyhow.

► Each supplier displays clearly about location tends buyer can go to buy any product or service where nearby if the buyer won’t buy by online.

► Refund policy, any buyer before buying any product or service please read the refund policy which provided by the supplier.

► Any wrong or complicated with product order after delivered buyer require action immediately to the supplier in order to avoid any complicate happened.