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With the ILO and UNDP as godparents, ACLEDA was established in January 1993, as a national NGO for micro and small enterprises development and credit by a group of founders below. From its earliest days it enjoyed the support of a number of major international development agencies whose contribution is gratefully acknowledged in our 'Roll of Honour'. Two factors, namely expansion of its network to cover all of Cambodia's provinces and towns and its ability to operate at a profit to ensure its sustainability, led both its board and international partners to conclude that it should be transformed into a commercial bank. This would not only provide a secure regulatory framework lacking under its previous status but would enable it to enlarge its range of funding options (e.g. equity injection, taking public deposits, obtaining commercial interbank loans) to support expansion of its core micro-finance business. With assistance from USAID, MPDF/IFC and UNDP—to name a few—a three year program for transformation commenced in 1998 which culminated in the granting of a specialised banking license in October, 2000.

Under the process, the original NGO has transferred its assets and on-lent its liabilities (long term loans from donors) to the new ACLEDA Bank. In return, it has received 44.91% of the bank's capital of US$4 million; the ACLEDA Staff Association ('ASA'), a trust established to give its staff an equity interest, has purchased 6.09% and the remaining 49% has been taken up in equal parts by four foreign investors, namely the International Finance Corporation (a division of the World Bank), DEG (Germany), FMO and Triodos Bank (The Netherlands). It is intended that ACLEDA Bank will seek a listing on a stock exchange at some time in the future.

Since December 01, 2003, ACLEDA Bank was licensed as a Commercial Bank after having tripled its capital to US$13 million, and was named ACLEDA Bank Plc. Please click here for capital increasing and shareholders of ACLEDA Bank Plc.

By the end of 2017, ACLEDA Bank's total assets US$5,244 million with market share around 18.1% of total assets; 18.4% (total loan outstanding) and 55.0% (number of customer) amongst total lending; and 18.6% (deposit amount) and 53.1% (number of account) of total deposits in the banking sector in the Kindom of Cambodia (excluded MFIs and NGOs). It currently has loan portfolio of US$3527.62 million to more than 396,003 borrowing customers of which 54.24% are women. It employs 12,232 staff in 262 branches in all provinces and towns in The Kingdom of Cambodia.

Beside of Credits and Savings services ACLEDA Bank has provided Funds Transfers Services locally and internationally through Western Union® and SWIFT (Society Worldwide for Interbank Financial Telecommunication). We also offer E-Banking, Trade Finance (Documentary Collection, Letter of Credit (L/C), Bank Guarantee, and Trade Loan) and Cash Management Services including Foreign Exchange, Standing Order / Direct Debit, Supplier Payment, Cash Consolidation Accounts, Payroll Service, Bank Confirmation, Cashier's Cheque, Distributor / Cash Collection, Traveller's Cheque, Foreign Cheque Purchasing Services, Bank Draft, Safe Box Service, Tax Payment Service, and much more.

ACLEDA's Headquarters is located in Phnom Penh and in addition it maintains a branch network covering all provinces and towns in Cambodia.
ACLEDA Bank's vision is to be Cambodia's leading commercial bank providing superior financial services to all segments of the community.

Our mission is to provide micro, small and medium entrepreneurs with the wherewithal to manage their financial resources efficiently and by doing so to improve the quality of their lives. By achieving these goals we will ensure a sustainable and growing benefit to our shareholders, our staff and the community at large. We will at all times observe the highest principles of ethical behaviour, respect for society, the law and the environment.

ACLEDA Internet Bank

ACLEDA Internet Bank

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ACLEDA Bank Plc.

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