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Cathay United Bank (Cambodia) Corporation Limited (CUBC); Formerly known as Singapore Banking Corporation Limited “SBC Bank” incorporated in the Kingdom of Cambodia in 1993 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cathay United Bank (CUB) which is a commercial banking arm of Cathay Financial Holdings, a diversified and the largest financial holding group in Taiwan. CUB is a leading bank in both corporate and consumer banking sector in Taiwan and operates a network of more than 165 domestic branches in Taiwan. Striving to be the leading brand in Asia’s banking industry we have created over 60 branches overseas focusing on Greater China and ASEAN countries. As a leader in banking industry, CUB has ever been awarded with “Bank of the year” “The Best Trade Bank” “The Best Wealth Advisory bank” in Taiwan and other countless recognition by all kind of well-known global institutions.

Since incorporation, CUBC has gradually diversified its business activities and currently provides banking services into two principal areas:
  • Active offering innovative personal banking products and solutions including deposit, remittance, individual loan and personal debit/credit cards.
  • Business banking and solutions products providing commercial loans, syndicate loan, financing in trade finance and offering business credit card products.
CUBC continues to expand our business prudently in Cambodia market including our branch network expansion in order to reach customers for their convenience with our services. We actively offer comprehensive and value added banking products that does include online banking and mobile banking. We have established a network of 16 domestic branches/offices and over 84 ATMs across key cities/provinces of Cambodia. 

Commitment to our core values


Cathay Financials strong foundation and long rich history of growth, establishing trust with Cathay’s clients and stilling strong principles for employees.


Cathay Financials commitment to being a dependable and responsible corporate brand.


Cathay Financial prospers and creates for the future.

Loan Facilities

Loan Facilities

The Overdraft will be allowed you to have financial freedom in your business operation as well as enhancing your business with financial liquidity and flexibility, which can respond to the market opportunity and business manner.

Commercial Loan

Commercial Loan

CUBC supports the borrowers, specially the entrepreneurs for their future business opportunities. The loan facility and hospitality will be proceeded quickly, easily, and definite.



Remittance (money transfer, funds transfer or payment order) is the process of transferring money which is begun with the originator’s payment order, made for specific purpose to the designated beneficiary, and completed upon acceptance by the beneficiary’s bank.

Deposit Accounts

Deposit Accounts

As our focus is on the needs of businesses, Cathay United Bank knows that the deposit accounts products you use need to fit your style of business, cash flow model, and current goals. Cathay United Bank provides the account choices, product features, and supporting services to suit your business needs at every stage of its growth.


Cathay United Bank

At Cathay United Bank, we understand running business takes a lot of work so our approach to business banking is simple. Our goal is to help your business thrive and prosper. We put ourselves in your shoes and in that way, we can understand your business needs. We will help you get through those day to day steps by offering innovative and reliable services, designed to make your banking as cost and time efficient as possible. Our committed team of experienced professionals is here to assist you in working towards the success of your business.

Business Banking : 
- Deposit Accounts
- Remittances
- Credit Facilities
- Business Credit Cards
- Online Banking
- Merchant Service
- Payment Gateway Service
- International Trade
- Payroll Service
- Real Estate Escrow
- Global MyB2B

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