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Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (“CPF”) is one of the world’s leading listed agro-industrial and food conglomerates which operates vertically integrated business. The Company operates in 17 countries, exports products from Thailand to over 30 countries, covering over 4 billion population around the world. The Company operates in both the livestock (swine, broilers, layers, and ducks) and aquaculture (shrimp and fish) businesses. The vertically integrated businesses incorporate the manufacturing of animal feed, animal breeding and animal farming; meat processing, the manufacturing of semi-cooked meat and fully-cooked meat; food products and ready meal products, as well as the meat and food retailer and restaurant businesses.

The major products of feed business includes swine feed, chicken feed, duck feed, shrimp feed and fish feed, both in the form of concentrated feed and complete feed in powder and pallets. The Company realizes that “the quality of production process with efficiency that keeps pace with technology” is crucial in making the Company’s feed products part of the development of commercial farming in both in Thailand and other countries where the Company’s investments are located.

The Company places its importance starting from the beginning of the production process by sourcing high quality raw materials, going through analysis and quality control process in laboratories certified with the ISO/IEC 17025 international standards. The data from the central laboratory and branches laboratories in Thailand and overseas has been linked together to support information in terms of nutritional value and safety of raw materials, in order to be used as a database to formulate the feed suitable for the needs of different types of animals according to their breed and age as well as safe for consumption.

The Company has been using computerized system to control its production process for over 40 years, as well as adapting international standards, which have been continuously certified by 3rd party agencies. These standards include ISO 9001, Good Manufacturing Practice: GMP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point: HACCP, Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP), International Fishmeal and Fishoil Organization’s Responsible Supply Chain of Custody (IFFO RS CoC), and QS standards. These standards are met to ensure the consistent quality and highest safety for animals and consumers. Further, the Company utilizes robotics, specially designed and developed by in-house engineering department, to be used exclusively in the Company’s production process, in order to enhance the efficiency of its operations.

In addition to the quality of raw materials and products, the Company strives to “Sustainable Raw Materials Sourcing.” This means key raw materials used in feed production come from responsible source in terms of environment and labor according to the Sustainable Sourcing Policy and Supplier Guiding Principle for suppliers of its Thailand operation. Along with that, the Company has the policy to firstly procure local raw material, especially in areas where feedmills are located, so as to promote local farmers and to reduce the distance and energy used in transportation. On the condition that the amount for local raw material is not enough, or quality does not satisfy the standards, raw material will be imported.

Aside from this, the Company is dedicated to research for substitute raw materials, as a way to diversify raw materials to reduce the risk of insufficient certain raw material at certain periods of time, in order to maintain its production capabilities of the Company and of its suppliers effectively and continuously. At the same time, the Company has studied and tested the efficiency of animal feed according to the needs of animals and the farming system before it develops and improves feed formulas to support growth of the animal at different breed and age. The research covers nutrient requirement, raw material, feed additive, and feed innovation that answer to customers need and changing trend, in order to take part in building a long term food security.

The manufacturing of feed requires heat energy, which mostly come from burning fossil fuels from coal and oil. The burning process has an effect on the level of greenhouse gases. The Company’s feedmills are equipped with boilers that use biomass such as husk, corn cobs, palm and firewood instead of fossil fuels, in order to mitigate the effect on the environment. Moreover, the Company installed dust filters and ozone technology to reduce dust and odor from the production process that may impact surrounding community near the Company’s facilities.


Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL

Good Food, Good Health Fresh, Delicious, Convenience...And Safety Food with CP product

Nowadays, consumers are more health conscious and concern about food safety which is in line with our business philosophy of uncompromised quality. Our production standard is high to ensure quality and safety of our food products. Thus, brand building is important to constantly remind and assure of the quality, food safety integrity and deliciousness of our food products.

In processing and manufacturing of cooked food products, the company is strongly committed to meet consumer’s demand and satisfaction by adding more value to create ready meal products in several menus to serve customer specifications and to bring more opportunity to purchase.

With vision to be “Kitchen of the World”, the company is committed to fulfill the longing of quality food products that are nutritious, hygienic and with food safety integrity from consumers whose satisfaction and habit have change from time to time.

CP product is in fully integrated operations with global standard from CPF including fresh product (chicken, egg, pork, duck) and cooked food product (Ready Meal, Ready To Eat). The company will conduct and complete fairly with consumer as our focus on great safety and most value product by CP.

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